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And something that's been bothering me is this line, "it's hard to explain but I feel like he thinks I will be a good girlfriend in 1 year and wants to keep me around for that time being."You only THINK that the 27 year old man, with whom you are going to live with, will keep you around ' FOR THE TIME BEING'?! I'm not going to move in with him until I feel absolutely solid in my decision.

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I think hes way ahead in life than you are and you shouldn't rush the process of becoming a full woman just because you want to be good for him. did you ever consider what would happen to you if you break ?

O_o i completely agree with her, difference in age are not the only thing that matters, its also WHEN that difference happens, like a 1yo and a 11 yo gon have way less in common than a 62 and a 72.

I think the issue is that obviously there is a massive imbalance, and also, do you really want to just finish school and move in with him? As a man i think he got you while you were young to ensure your loyalty and love when you came of age.

Nothing wrong as long as you both are cool..i wouldnt want my younger sis dating a dude that is almost 30 while she is in high school...

We had the best relationship but he had to move to a different state for a job but it is normal for this to happen because when you know you love someone, age doesnt even cross your mind. and the way you made it sould like keeping you around... i can admit i hit relationships from my parents but only becuase i thought they didnt aprove. in the long run you will want someone that will make you happy and if getting along with your family is big then that..i just feel like it should not be something you hide from family..what the person said above... my papa was 27 or 29 and he fell head over heals for my grandma the age of 15 he knew right away she was the one... i wish the best for you im 27 and im engaged to a 17 year old she is a wonderful very mature woman i love her deeply i was in a horrible 8 year marriage and it almost took my life from me so you honestly shouldnt feel ashamed or feel that should have to keep it secret people will talk and always have their opinion on your relationship but the only important thing is do you think its wrong if it is what makes your life feel complete and you are happy than thats all that matters so dont buy into the b.s that others will throw at you good luck on your relationship and i hope it brings you nothing but happiness ......It's plain perverted.


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