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Then you just get the updates instead of the updates AND junkware.

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Note: A Windows 98 Update error code is the numerical format of the error code generated.

It’s the standard error layout utilized by Windows as well as other Microsoft Windows compatible software and device driver suppliers.

Occasionally the error might have extra parameters in Windows 98 Update format .

The additional number and letter code are the location of your system locations where the instructions are filled at the time of the error code.

First - this is what Virtual PC was created for, and Second - you would then have virtualized CD-ROMs, floppy drives, and everything else and they are all standardized so you only have to look for that one kind of a device, download those drivers, and not worry about the fact that you have the latest whiz-bang equipment. If you were going to use the Apple ][ emulator - I'd suggest Cider Press. It isn't even true that Windows v3.1 can not use multi-gigabyte disk drives or memory.