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Season 13, Episode 2June 3, 2003In the 13th season premiere, the “seven strangers” travel to their new home, which is located in a Parisian suburb.

The cast members include hunky Ace, 23; flirty Leah.

Also: Mallory's cousin and aunt visit; and Ace celebrates his 24th birthday.

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Also: Leah's upfront personality grates on Mallory, Christina and Simon, and the four have it out in a restaurant---and are asked to leave.

Season 13, Episode 19September 30, 2003Filmed in March 2003, the roommates react to the impending war in Iraq, including President Bush's speech urging Saddam Hussein and his sons to leave Iraq.

Leah finds herself attracted to Ace, but Ace is turned off by her smoking.

Also, Adam is smitten with Mallory, but the infatuation fades when he learns the feeling isn't mutual.

Season 13, Episode 4June 10, 2003The housemates learn that their jobs consist of putting together a student travel guide of Europe.