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Brunette and auburn-haired versions of the doll were introduced in 19 respectively; an African American version of the doll with brown skin tones was produced those same years.

1963 was also the year that Chatty Cathy's hair was re-styled into what Mattel called "long twin ponytails." Mattel catalogs stated that Chatty Cathy and all the other Chatty dolls had, go-to-sleep "life-like decal eyes." Although its mouth did not move (designed with lips only slightly parted), Chatty Cathy "spoke" one of eleven phrases at random when the "chatty ring" protruding from its upper back was pulled.

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We need to focus on what people need to do, not what they need to know. Can you help a young lieutenant make a good impression on a Pashtun leader?

Other accessories accompanying the doll were a story and comic book, shoehorn, and a paper wrist tag that was also a numbered warranty card.