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According to the best information available to the committee, sub- scription sites with adult content exceed 100,000 in the United States (with each site having multiple Web pages underneath it), and about 400,000 for-pay adult sites globally. 3Numbers provided by Bill Johnson, director of marketing, Flying Crocodile Inc., inter- view, January 2001.

An "affiliate" can be a separate business entity or can have an em- ployee or consultant relationship to the primary firm.

A profitable adult online business is often difficult to sustain over the long run, despite the high demand.

The cost of entry into the business is relatively low, and the availability of a range of services from content pro- vision to free Web site hosting and credit card transaction processing makes it easy to set up an adult Web site.

The number of paying subscribers is on the order of several million in the United States, and may be as high as 10 million.