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The programme is still on You Tube and I have seen it.

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Bernard Madoff went big in fleecing billions of dollars from clients.

TV is reflecting the enormity of what's considered the most colossal investor scam in U. history with two high-profile projects, each featuring an Oscar winner playing the now-imprisoned New York financial adviser.

Hank Azaria plays Frank, with Alessandro Nivola and Nathan Darrow as Madoff sons Mark and Andrew, respectively. Multiple films about a well-known person, such as Truman Capote or Steve Jobs, constitute "an old tradition," says Dreyfuss, who is writing a novel about the Civil War.

(born 5 September 1984), sometimes referred to as Alex Zarrelli, is an Italian semi-professional footballer, who plays as a defensive midfielder for Heather St John's.

"We didn't pursue it, we did our homework beforehand" said TNS secretary, Ian Williams.