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At shallower depths, Circumpolar Deep Water can move across the continental shelf and reach the underside of ice shelves[2], which it can rapidly melt due to its relatively warm temperatures.

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is drained by several large ice streams. Glacial and marine geological evidence for the ice sheet configuration in the Weddell Sea-Antarctic Peninsula region during the Last Glacial Maximum.

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This ice flow is partly constrained by buttressing ice shelves.

The ice streams flow from an inland reservoir of ice towards the ocean, passing over a and, in places, into an ice shelf.

The highest elevations reached are 3000 m above sea level[2], occurring at the divides between these sectors.

The size of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is limited, despite its high average snow falls, by the faster speeds of its ice streams.

Microbes can live on the surface of debris entrained in ice, or in solid ice.