Armory not updating patch 4 0 Oh freesex bhutan

At the bottom of the armory profile page, it shows: Last updated on 12/10/2010 I have logged in and played on this character multiple times since 12/10/2010.

The profile doesn't accurately reflect what I am wearing, so the render is wrong because of that. The fact that it is not saving my profile when I log out of the game is.

Wo W is Armory not updating my character profile for Khallesi-Jubei'Thos correctly.

I have other characters that I have played that do not have the same problem. As you can see in my forum avatar / level, my rogue is currently level 83. I could understand a few hours, but 4 days........please help!!! I have not received updates to my Armory Page for two days now.

The wowarmory profile shows the character at level 82 in old gear. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how I can get it to update the armory correctly. Trickey I am having this same problem, my toon as not updated since the 18th, I have since logged out naked, in my healing gear, partially dressed, ..... I have cleared browser cache, used different browsers and tried logging in and out multiple times and the page is not updating. Have cleared browser cache, restarted my desktop, tried alternate browser, disabled add-ons, updated add-ons, all with log in / out to test between...

If your character data is not updating in the Armory, please try the following to force a refresh of the data:1) Log into the game on that character2) Equip and unequip some gear3) Log out using the Main Menu4) Clear your browser cache5) Restart your browser6) Check the Armory after 30 minutes to see if the update has gone through If it has not, please post the following information and we will investigate the issue.

Character Name Realm Link To Profile Last Updated Thanks!

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