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Yes, and the problem with these ‘leagues’ is that they are asymmetrical (meaning that there is a higher probability of a female attracting any given statistical subset of ranked males, than the reverse), rendering a disproportionate scarcity of receptive females for lower ranked males.

Which, means that females have shown to be more critical in judging male attractiveness than the reverse (meaning that they are *more* likely to find a receptive partner, regardless of their own relative attractiveness).

Sorted in 4 groups: 1) highly attractive (in the 5 quintile on beauty scale) 2) moderately attractive (in the 4 quintile), 3) medium/average attractive (in the 3 quintile) and 4) unattractive (in the 1 and 2 quintiles).

I worked with 4 highly attractive male profiles: 4 moderately attractive male profiles: 4 average-attractive male profiles: And 4 unattractive male profiles: Female profiles: 1 moderately attractive female (left), 1 highly attractive female (right): 1 unattractive female (left), 1 average attractive female (right): Since online sites (Badoo) do not provide the site’s activity log files to compute users’ popularity, as well as the popularity of their communication partners, (as measures of social desirability), I retrieved the number of messages by each fictitious profile to index his or her own popularity.

The undercurrent in male complaints, are that – for an increasing proportion of males – they no longer have an expectation of finding a reasonable equivalent in terms of a female partner(ie.


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