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Perched on the edge of her sofa seat, sitting bolt upright with a prim look on her face and her hands folded on her lap, it nevertheless leaves the impression that she's trying to make a quick getaway rather than simply trying to keep warm.

Generating heat is something Danes has always struggled with in her career – at least since she starred opposite Leonardo Di Caprio in Baz Luhrmann's Romeo Juliet back in 1996.

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She's very straightforward about who she is and what she wants, with everyone." The "me" of the title actually refers to naive student Richard (Efron), who falls under the spell of both Sonja and Welles when he's cast in a small role in the play.

While her character is fictionalised (the film being based on the novel by Robert Kaplow), Welles is present and correct in all his pompous glory.

"It's really fun to experiment with different scales.

As long as the story is good, and my character isn't degraded in any horrible way, I'm game." The question is, do directors care about Danes anymore, now she's no longer the girl of the moment? That was plenty." Admittedly, the very fact the 30 year-old Danes isn't fame-hungry, or desperate to be seen on the cover of every glossy, is to her credit.

Yet she says she's still hungry for new challenges.