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Ben chung and yuri tak dating

Actually, I came to know about your series when i was browsing about Kseries and also one of my classmate informed about your seires. I just saw you for the first time in uncontrollably fond and I must say I am impressed. I can't believe the show doesn't have high ratings. I'll definitely be looking into more of your works so keep doing what your doing man. :( I really want them in a drama together one day because I ship them together. After lee jong suk if any other korean actor so far i have liked is kim woo bin After clicking OST of pinocchio and finding intresting i watched Pinocchio Online and had a crush on lee jong suk then after Pinocchio i watched sc Hool 2013 for lee jong suk but started liking kim woo bin and their bromance :) they are so poular why their dramas are not dubbed in english ✌ kim woo bin join twitter and instagram plss waiting for your new drama with suzy I really enjoy watching shows that Woo Bin is in. so like, i just watched a bunch of yt videos of Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk bromance thingy, and it didnt look like the bromance betweeen adam levine and blake shelton. I love you woo bin ur my favorite actor you really caught my heart in school 2013 but I wonder why ur rsting is so low :'( I guess theu cant see how perfect you are.

i would have missed this series if my friend havent said. Love you Woobin I saw you the first time when I was watching Heirs I hated you at first but after I knew how a cool person you are , you have became my dream boy!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ I first saw you in "The Heirs" and I actually continued watching it because of your character. He makes me smile and laugh at his expressions and deep voice. Because i really want to see you as a lead male in a well written drama like pinnochio I like his way of acting is great altho I didn't like the plot of the Heirs, he was the only character that really interested me because of the background story he had and I do think seriously that this drama should have ended with him getting the girl. But nonetheless please know their are many people that love you.

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I can't remember if i read this here or on ontd but ben cheated on.

Honestly how they put the mark on the money to mark it seem like coupons and then washed it off with alcohol? what can i say about kim woo bin , is the best actor for his generation , i really like him so much . the most thing i love in kim woo bin is his eyes , they are so deep and beautiful i hope to see more of his work , because he have the character and talent. Can't help not to stare at you, you really under my skin. :) He was casted for the role of Baek In Ho in "Cheese in a trap" (Manga), who is a good looking man with a temper. Love form te fans are everlasting LOVE He's amazingly beautiful, sexy, masculine.. I was Lee Min Ho's Fan and i came to watch the Heirs buz LMH and PSH. Anyway, i guess it doesn't matter if he'd be a sincere and the weird dream guys for every girl ,but i just hope to see him soon in a drama with a very major role! Even his roles are sometimes as an antagonist but then, people tend to love him than to hate him. Today I've just finished watching "Friend 2", it was just too mind-blowing and heart-wrenching for me to decribe my feelings properly. from the deepest of my heart, I, I really falling in love with you Kim Woo Bin. hope we'll meet in the future ,lovin each other, gettin married, livin together with our lil' family happily ever after :') Kim woo bin....i love first saw you in your role in the heirs and you're super cool! I hope that Kim Woo-Bin & Park Shin hye will have drama someday. And now I'm not even sure who I actually want park shin hye to stay with. He's good enough to act as the main lead not just as the second lead. Even I really a long time fan of LMH, still cheer this young bad boy.


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