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I cannot tell you how many times a guy has told me he can eat pussy better than any woman after I made my sexuality disclosure. Respect the advantage and don’t make bold statements that negate her prior sexual experiences. Might she indulge you on your birthday with a nice little present in the shape of another girl’s vagina? It’s hilarious to me how guys gossip just as much as women, albeit in a different fashion. Having the same lady parts makes us a bit more familiar with how they operate so we are at a distinct advantage. Keep your cool and remember, treating women like sex objects does not make them want to sleep with you.

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If it is true, you may have an issue with the fact that he has seemingly withheld such an important part of his life from you, although do be aware that such self-exposure can be a very difficult process to instigate, and it may well prove fruitful to be sympathetic to his reasons.