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I don't want to offend anyone, but in the interest of honest, open discourse, these are the stereotypes and fears that my loved ones present me with:1.Africans/Nigerians only marry american women for a green card and will leave them as soon as they get it.i see u have posted similar posts on several sections.there is no norm, how much do u think it will cost him to pay a hooker, or those baby mama on food stamps to get his paper ? if u have any fears , speak to him like a person and find out.omg! Most of the time though, these marriages are usually are a pre-arranged agreement between the two parties with money involved.

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Look @ the end of the day 1in3 marriages end in divorce and their are no guarantees in this love game so just relax please and enjoy your marriage dont let your insecurities ruin it for you.

If your husband is with you for the right reasons he wont go anywhere after the papers.

Many marriages fall apart it is always a [email protected] i'm Canadian and married a Nigerian (Igbo) we got 1 son together.

Most of the streotypes you mentioned he did it to his first wife, the papers aspect anyways.

This could also be true depending on the type of man you have.


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