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Do you think a man wants his mixed-race son to have a mother who believes that black men are inadequate?I can’t tell what Jae actually feels/believes about black men. In encouraging black women to date and marry interracially, the book has joined a broadening debate in recent years fueled by the blogosphere, the entertainment industry and comments by prominent African Americans.

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Henson in his recent movie, "I Can Do Bad All by Myself"; in "The Princess and the Frog" featuring Disney's first black princess, the prince's indeterminate racial origins inspired commentary; and there was the 2006 movie "Something New," in which characters played by Simon Baker, who is white, and Sanaa Lathan, who is black, fall in love.

Whoopi Goldberg has talked about interracial dating on "The View," saying you date whom you are around.

First of all, your question, “How do I get a Caucasian man to commit? If black women are attracted to Jewish men but don’t want to marry us, there’s not much I can do about it, is there? There’s no difference between black women and other women, Evan. So the question remains: why would any woman dump you?

” sounds as silly to me as, “How do I get a black woman to commit? How would you answer that question if I told you that my black girlfriends always dump me? No more than some guitarist can complain that women are attracted to him but don’t want to marry a 40-year-old guy who plays for tips in the subway. So if a black woman doesn’t see herself having mixed race Jewish kids, you’re probably not going to be a good fit for her life, Evan – even if you’re both nice, attractive people. That leads us to the next part of today’s tough love post: “Why would any man dump you, Jae? You look down on the commitment-oriented white men who fall for your sister since they’re beneath your standards.

Single black women with college degrees outnumber single black men with college degrees almost 3 to 1 in major urban areas such as Washington, according to a 2008 population survey by the U. It's Econ 101 for the single, educated black woman.