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Most of these subtitles are actually Cyrillic, but they contain many errors, mostly the incorrect use of Cyrillic letters. For example, the gay pride parade subtitle reads, "Meal Society of the 'Magnolia' manor." Some subtitles are nothing more than a random stream of Cyrillic letters, for example the title of the Kazakh TV channel at the beginning of the movie, and the supposedly Kazakh title of the movie later.

The geographical names on the maps are almost all gibberish, except for the names in the largest print, such as "America" or "London." Ironically, the Cyrillic text used for the names that appear during the end credits is quite correct.

On his journey Borat and his producer encounter a country full of strange and wonderful Americans, real people in real chaotic situations with hysterical consequences.

The subtitles in Borat (2006) are Cyrillic subtitles.

Sacha Baron Cohen's Da Ali G Show never impressed me when I watched random episodes, so I was not in belief that this film would.


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