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Using these coding examples, 2061 translates to 2 for the month of February, 06 for the sixth day of the month and 1 for the year 2001, or Feb. Look at the code to determine if the manufacturer uses letters to represent months.

The code can be found on the “kwik lok”® (plastic clip) for most bread and English muffins, ink jet printed on the tortilla packaging, These codes indicate the date of production and are used to track product for production and quality control purposes.

We guarantee these products for 12 months when kept frozen from this date.

She volunteers as a court-appointed child advocate, has a background in social services and writes about issues important to families. does not have a uniform system of coding expiration dates on food products as of 2010, according to the U. Closed coding is used on products with longer shelf lives, such as canned and boxed foods.

Sessoms holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal studies. The USDA notes that while closed codes could refer to manufacturing date, the codes are not intended for consumer use and no single translation source exists. The codes, which might resemble a number like “2061” or “0195,” are usually stamped on the top or bottom of a can, according to Mealtime.org, a service of the Canned Food Alliance. Manufacturers vary in listing the year or month first and some add numbers to the code that are not related to the date.

Certified organically grown grains are 3rd party verified by USDA authorized certifying agencies under the National Organic Program (NOP).