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Over the next several years he participated in every form of entertainment-in radio, on the stage, through motion pictures and the early days of Television.

In radio Robert teamed up with Orson Welles twice for the complete radio crime drama series The Black Museum 1951 broadcast to the US armed forces and The Third Man 1951-1952 (aka Harry Lime)- based on the hit film.

In Televison he often got the chance to work together with his father again most notably in The Jack Benny Program episode Jack Falls Into Canal in Venice (3/10/57) and in the pilot for the series Harry’s Girls (1960).

During the next 15 years most of Roberts acting was confined to TV and Motion Pictures his most memorable performances in The Crooked Road (1965) with Robert Ryan and Steward Granger, Hell Is Empty (1967) produced by his brother Ronald Rietti and co-starring French actress Martine Carol (who died before the end of shooting the film), The Italian Job (1969) and The Omen (1976) with Gregory Peck.

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