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Anyone using Gmail can already send files as large as 10GB using Google Drive, while Microsoft Hotmail fans can send files of up to 300MB in size using Skydrive.Yahoo leads the the US email market with a 40% share of email users, compared to 36.7% using Gmail and 18.9% using Hotmail.Until now they just haven't been able to break that troublesome 25MB file size limit. users can use their existing Dropbox accounts or sign up for new ones if they speak English, French, Spanish, German or Italian.

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Size is everything in the world of email attachments and with a limit of just 25MB, Yahoo! The would-be ad giant has belatedly dropped its size limit with the announcement of a partnership with Dropbox which will allow users to attach huge files to their emails.

Both Google and Microsoft have already partnered their email services with cloud storage capabilities.

So far, 79 requests have received an answer from Bing,' the company said.'Bing represents 22 percent of the removal requests sent via since July 23, 78 percent representing requests to Google.

It is of note that Internet users tend to submit less requests to Bing than to Google: 3,4 on Bing against 9,1 on Google.' 'Requests can be submitted through our intake form.

Mail wrote: "As we've said before, we're focused on making Yahoo! The way we see it, you should be able to go into your inbox, do what you need to do and move on with your day.


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