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Marcella Riley, 29, was having a hard time last summer. In June, a friend named Conor —whom she’d met years earlier when they worked together at an Apple Store—offered the couch in his living room indefinitely. But a month into her couch tenancy, her gratitude turned to anger when she spotted a small black device taped to a bookshelf facing the couch.

from New York, the aspiring comedian wasn’t making enough money to pay rent, and so was surfing friends’ couches.

A commenter on Conor’s side wrote, “As someone with Dropcam in my home, I don’t tell my friends I have it when they house sit.” Conor did not respond to messages about the incident.

Ohm says it would be better if the Dropcam wasn’t so easily hidden, and if it emitted a noise when recording rather than just turning on a light that can be covered up.

But when others share your space, the legal issues get murkier.


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