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So the lady of your dreams might dress and strut like Beyoncé or Britney but scratch the surface of a Cebuana and you find religious devotion to rival a Southern Baptist’s.

Many half-breeds dominate, to this day, the great sugar plantations in nearby islands.

If you want to meet the modern Cebu girls in the province, go have nightlife and have fun in bars, resorts, hotels and night clubs around.

Otherwise, courting, native food, loving and caring men are the most wanted ads in many online dating sites out there for a Cebuana. Take them out for some classic meals outside of their homes that doesn't even have to be expensive, just simple.

Cebu has some of the most beautiful resorts and beaches comparable to Cebu offers a life for foreigners who would like to retire to the Philippines and perhaps marry a Cebuana or the typical Manilenya (Manila girl).