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It is impossible to determine the guy-girl ratio of the participants, but it was undoubtedly full of guys—and girls were scarce. I’d always give the girl a fake name and develop a fake personality.Even so, every single race, ethnicity, age group, and creed seemed to be represented in this chase for the naked chatroulette girl. I would go without food and without sleep as I kept clicking like a slot-jockey in a casino, waiting for that pay out. Win or lose, it seemed like that chase never stopped.

They often complain about the "perverts" they encounter on dating sites or in sex chat despite their presence on a web page many would consider "perverted".

Some especially hypocritical chatroom queens will have an active web cam on in a sex chatroom and complain that people ask to see their tits.

I’d quickly click next and more often than not, I’d find another penis.

I’d keep clicking the “next” button and quickly learned that this site seemingly had an infinite number of penises to show me.

In practice, the content of the site became very insidious. I found the site over two years ago and at first, it was repulsive.