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The room was created for all browncoats to join the link was available to anyone at This is a serious issue that I think people should take more seriously. 600: true);' There's always a tricky balance between keeping out the ruffians and getting so closed off no one comes, if registration is perhaps too much a hurdle (and usually it's not) then perhaps a template of 3-5 questions only a browncoat could answer would be effective in keeping the bots out - it's not like the show fandom doesn't have a LOT of trivia to work with!

Not familiar with Chatzy however, I was ever more on the IRC end of things, but that was a long while ago and I don't think I've ever visted FFF's chat there, although come to think of it, might be worth a looksee, that.

I was suggesting that, if you wish to set up another room and avoid this problem in the future it should be A) private, B) password protected, and C) require registration so that offending members can be banned from the room by anyone who has access to the admin password.

I was once a very regular chatzy user and I was trying to help.

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