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By 1955, the state had cut the number of districts to 2,242, and by the year 2000, the district count had fallen to 894. Nearly 45 percent are elementary, 12 percent are secondary (high school), and 45 percent are unit districts, meaning they serve both elementary and secondary students.

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Florida, for example, averages 40,012 students per district.

Georgia, North Carolina, California and Virginia all serve more than twice the 2,400 students per district Illinois does.

More than three-quarters of Illinois’ superintendents have six-figure salaries, and many also get additional benefits in car and housing allowances, as well as bonuses.

In addition, their high salaries lead to pension benefits of $2 million to $6 million each over the course of their retirements.

Among the key candidates for consolidation are the state’s 859 local school districts, which consume nearly two-thirds of the $27 billion in local property taxes that local governments across Illinois collect each year.