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In the case of Jacob and Rachel, Jacob chose to marry because of love--though he still had to work things out with Rachel's father. In Bible times, even the lost people followed these customs. We can learn from the biblical practices and perhaps put some of them into play in our own lives, but that is not the same thing as making them a required set of rules.

I have recently seen some pretty nasty situations where families have tried so hard to control the courtship of their children that they have created greater problems.

I might even alter them if I saw good reason to do so. Arranged marriages have a long and prosperous history (still being practiced in certain lands).

However, they are not commanded in scripture and many who attempt to go back to such practices are creating as many problems as they are solving.

I am not in any way advocating a return to the dating game as practiced by the world. Young people have lost their innocence to people they hardly knew.