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On the morning of Easter Monday, men and boys whip women of all ages, around the legs with special whips made out of twisted willow branches.

The women reward the men for this with a painted Easter egg.

Here is a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to dating women in the Czech Republic: Once you have asked your Czech girlfriend to marry you, you still need to tell her parents about it when you are having dinner at their place.

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Under Czech law, beating your marital partner is not a crime unless she (or he) is so badly injured that she cannot work for at least seven days – and parliament has repeatedly rejected proposals to change the law.

It is all part of the difficulty Czech women face in tackling feminism – so much so that there is a serious debate over what Western-style feminism can offer Czech women.

Indeed, according to our general standards, Czech women are generally more beautiful.

So you’ve decided to date more Czech women and wonder how to get the best results.

Women are generally paid less than men, especially in the public sector. By law, women must add to their surnames the suffix -ova.


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