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Select the xml file in the File Connection Manager Editor and repeat these steps for the XSD file (movies2.xsd) so that you have two Connection Managers named and movies2

You don't have to create a Connection Manager for the include xsd, because it's included by code.

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Change something in the XML file to make it fail (a movie title longer than 50 chars).

Thats a great tool but having trouble while preparing datasheet with parent child hierarchy. With your example and hands on with this tool I can only see that whole row data from excel will come under single tag. Do I have to integrate it with Excel 2007 or what steps need to be done? NET2003C#XMLDev Intermediate Provides a utility and code library to convert an Excel file to XML file as well as generate XML Schema. Download source files - 5.84 Kb Download demo files - 8.37 Kbits working fine when in my excel if any column have heterogeneous data then it show null for that distinct data in suppose i have excel sheet data like below Emp Code Title999312 mr34ert Missso for this excel i get null value in cell first column second rowcan you help me out You could try Gem Box Excel . Amongst others formats like XLS, CSV, ODS it also supports XLSX.

one under the other from Excel to xml in a particular format. If you don't understand what I am saying, I can actually show you the xml file how I want the data and the excel sheet of the raw data.tejas there is a small flaw in the code that gathers the sheet names. The following fix this and the embeded space flaw:...

if a sheet name has embedded spaces, the following code won't remove the $ correctly. Length-1); Additonally it might be a good idea to check that the '$' character is actually present at the end of the name. Array List excel Sheets = new Array List();// Add the sheet name to the string array.foreach(Data Row row in data Table. Trond R -- modified at Wednesday 23rd November, 2005How does this compare to Excel's XML file format, Spreadsheet ML? Can u verify the submitted Excel file against specified Schema.3.

Failure End Try End Sub #Region "Script Results declaration" 'This enum provides a convenient shorthand within the scope of this class for setting the 'result of the script.