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I dunno, I don't think you start off loving somebody but let's see what she has to say. Cara: Hi Empish, this is Cara and I have Harley Thomas here with me on Blind Living Radio. Cara: Ok, I get to say it since I'm the one that has a visual impairment. So I do that on a volunteer aside from my regular job. And our guest today is Empish Thomas who is a lifestyle blogger. Blind Living Radio will be right back after these messages. So when you think about where do I go to meet people? But that's a great suggestion that I thought of on my own self. You know, you're probably talking to someone you know, your friends, your famiy members, colleagues. You are meeting someone with a familiar connection. Cara: Yeah, and I think that's absolutely phenomenal and it does give a whole new meaning to the word blind date.

Cara wants to know if blind people dating brings a whole new definition, and I'm not going to say it but I'm gonna let her say it. So you have to kind of figure out another way to kind of work around some of that stuff. Plus, there's a lot of social ideas, societal ideals about dating someone with a disability, positive and negative or otherwise. It's been a really rewarding experience because it adds to resources and information and that personal objective of finding information for someone who is visually impaired but hearing these stories that are written by people who are also visually impaired and about their day to day life. We are joined in studio with Harley Thomas as always and me, pretending to be the real host, Cara Catton. Well, implement some of those things, just kind of tweak it a little bit. Those are places that sighted people meet people too. And actually, a guy I dated, I met at a book club function. You don't have to bang your head up against the wall and reinvent everything. Also ask friends and family for connections, for hook ups. They already know you as a person and they can connect you so that way you are not meeting a complete total stranger. I think for a lot of people that can be really successful but I think also in the 21st century, you see the rise in online dating. Don't be so quick to give out too much personal information right away.

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Cara: I am going to ask her all kinds of questions about her love life too and blind dating.

From industries with the blind providing employment opportunities for blind professionals since 1952.

Or thoughts of having a happy and healthy love life might be the farthest thing from your mind.

Having and maintaining a love life is an important part of life and can be done even with vision loss.

Harley: (laughs) Empish: I think I do know what you mean. Back in the day, we could exchange numbers on paper. I mean as a person with a disability, I think I've encountered those in romantic settings that think that maybe it's not quite as much of an equal partnership because I'm coming at it with a disability versus you know being with somebody but you know what, everybody has something going on. I work with our blog and I also do presentations and public speaking. I'll be doing one tomorrow for Foundation for Fighting Blindness. That's where you guys saw the blog post where I'm a peer adviser. I'm trying to remember what did I do back then when I was in college and so dating in college is totally different than dating as an adult. If you don't feel comfortable in your skin as a person with a vision impairment, if you are still maybe grappling with your sight loss or maybe haven't quite dealt with that, that's gonna come out in your romantic life. Cara: So, Empish, you and I were chatting a little bit and I think our audience would really be interested about what are some of the best tips and ways that you found to be successful in the dating world after you lost your sight. Empish: You know, I was reading some articles about they do it on your phone now, your smartphone. Because I say if you are gonna do online dating, go slow because people can put up false profiles. So, yeah, I would definitely agree with taking it slow and seeing where things go especially as people who may not be able to see some things right away.