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If yes then how would we get married according to muslim customs and processes, in court or how? I see his family every week and I attend all gatherings. He has told me that it might be a problem and we might not end up together because I am not Jewish.

I would appreciate the advice as we really love each other, I have no problem raising my kids in the muslim religion Iam just personally not in a space to make that decision for myself. I love this man with all of my heart and I know he loves me the same. JC, It seems that he is the problem not his family.

I would have not date him or get close to him if he wasn't a Christian because Bible teaches us not to yoke with a non-believers.

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I love my husband dearly.there are cultural differences, but these are things I can easily live with and many are quite endearing. He treats me with the utmost respect, more than any man I have ever known.

I trust him in all regards and he truly admired by many in our community as a man of honor.

The other night he told me he didn't want to hurt me in the future because he wasn't sure if it would ever work out between us. He called his parents to tell them how much he loved me, they told him I was a sweet girl but not to get too attached because it isn't right to end up with someone from such a different religion/culture. In the past he told me that if religion was our only issue, he wouldn't let it ruin us in the long run. I have heard this before from my Persian friend's mother as well as my Japanese friend's mother - "My son, go have your fun with this nice and sweet "non Persian" or "non Japanese" girl and when you are ready we'll find you a nice "Persian" or "Japanese" wife".

JC - I am Christian and my husband is also a Christian.

So for those of you having issues with your Persian Princes, first check out what you have in common, especially faith-wise.