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"I Kissed a Girl" and the follow up single "Hot N Cold" have sold over 3 million digital downloads to date.

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The final piece of the puzzle was fit in 2006, when bassist Cullen Tierney entered the fold, making Delilah Why one of the city's premier rock acts. This is no holds barred, in your face, hope you like it, but if you don't F-U rock and roll. How often does it happen that you read "Recommended if you like The Black Crowes", but after you have checked it out you go "What the hell was this reviewer thinking?!

In 2006, Delilah Why released their debut album, Delilah Why... Since then, the band has been winning over crowds all across the southeast, one play room at a time.

Original members Tim Pagnotta, Erin Older, and Ben Davis were all in the songwriting class at the same time.

Tim took the songwriting class four times along with the sound recording and electronic music class.

Original drummer Ben Davis, completed the Music Major program and received a Commercial Music Certificate.