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In his legal separation or divorce in Ireland cases for self- employed business people or when acting for husbands or wives of business people or professionals with a high net worth, Keith will work with a well-established team of forensic accountant, barrister, auctioneer and pension specialist.

In more straightforward cases where a person is a PAYE employee such a team is not needed and cases where both husband and wife are employees can progress quickly.

Legal separation or divorce in Ireland should be the last resort.

TIP: although you must be living apart for 4 out of the previous 5 years in order to able to get divorced.

Time spent living separate and apart under the same roof counts towards the 4 years apart.

TIP: Be fair, do not be too hard on your husband or wife.

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I have written this paper which includes the questions most frequently asked by men and women considering separation or divorce.