Dating for graduate students

Having the certainty that there is always a person you can count on is the most powerful support one can have, especially during a challenging time such as graduate school.

Graduate student relationships are frequently under financial strain, due to low stipends and student debt.

However, it is no secret that one of the most important factors influencing personal happiness is the quality of your long-term relationship.

So the question is, how can you and your spouse support each other to give your work the attention it needs?

Source: Could emotional support offered by a significant other during graduate school help lower depression rates? While the pressures in graduate school can put the best relationships to a test, they also present an opportunity to deepen your support and commitment to each other.

Your relationship might be strained financially and emotionally as you pour every ounce of energy into a thesis that will only materialize in a few months or years.

Graduate students can get so caught up in their work, especially when they’re driven by perfectionist tendencies, that they forget to be social, she says.