Dating for ranchers

Despite the name, Farmers isn’t just for farmers, Miller notes.

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“They already knew everybody in their immediate areas. When they did find time, they didn’t want to hang out at a bar.

They wanted to find someone who understood their lifestyle.” The Internet boasts scores of specialized dating sites.

When a match works out well, members tend to let their $15-a-month ($45-a-year) memberships lapse, but occasionally a couple will e-mail Miller gushing about their wedding.

“I met Brian last September 8 on Farmers Only,” Lisa Mc Gregor of Shady Shores, southeast of Denton, wrote Miller. Brian and I are a perfect match, and we knew it almost from the start.” At 50, Mc Gregor, an administrative assistant at a Denton hospital, had never married.

When a man living in the suburbs loses a spouse to divorce or death, or a woman in the city decides she’s ready to give up the single life, options for finding potential partners abound: Cultural and sports events, churches and civic clubs, bars and gyms, even supermarkets and shopping malls put them in contact with dozens of potential partners. The romance with the sky-diving piano teacher fizzled, but Cooper soldiers on. Typically, after exchanging e-mails with a match and visiting by phone, Cooper will make a lunch date.


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