Dating human fossils

Recent advances in ultrafiltration techniques have expanded the dating range of radiocarbon.

The analysis of the EMSA of EBC sheds new light on the patterns and changes that characterise behaviours and organisations of Anatomically Modern Humans over the last 200 ka.

ABSTRACT: Confidence in fossil ages is a recognized constraint for understanding changes in archaeological and palaeontological records.

ABSTRACT: This paper focuses on the dispersals of Homo sapiens out-of-Africa and discusses the succession of ‘Out-of-Africa’ and ‘Back-to-Africa’ movements from a North African perspective, as a major corridor of dispersal.

Specifically, the consequences of anatomically modern human (AMH) dispersals both from North Africa into Eurasia and from there back into North Africa are investigated, and the archaeological and genetic outcomes of such forward and back migrations subsequently considered.

If there were many millions of people populating the Earth at the time of the Flood as creationists have suggested, wouldn't many of those people have been buried in Flood sediments?