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High pitched, boyish when he was a man, and talked about week ends away before we had met.Saved a lot of time for both of us when I declined.

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Phones are for communications, not as a tool for checking up or being used as foreplay.....unless in a relationship and wanted by both...... I don't want to give my number to someone I may never see again, and I too want to meet in person fairly early-a week or two, meet and see if it is worth pursuing.

If not, well, then at least he doesn't have my phone number.

The phone is purely improvisation based on different environments, if someone tries to control it then it comes off really bad.

I see chatting with someone on the phone before even meeting them the same as if I were to randomly call someone in India.

I don't feel it's necessary to talk on the phone before a meet..(tells me nothing).. I live in the country..secluded and I did have a mini stalker once. But I have met some folks without doing the phone first - hell without even seeing a photo !