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” and decides “We need to act now or we’ll miss it forever.” Bart Schutz, Online Dialogue: “You are never, ever only dependent on rationality. We call it Descartes error and what that means is that if we only have a rational argument without any emotion attached to it, we would not be able to give weight to the arguments.

So, you need the emotional charge to the rational argument.” (via CTA Conference) The reptilian brain operates on emotion instead of logical and rationality.

Therefore, when you’re appealing to emotion, you’re appealing to the reptilian brain.

System two may determine that it’s the most rational choice, but what if your visitor has done a lot of critical thinking and depleted their system two?

System one will be the decision-maker, so you should still optimize for it.

Data can sometimes be helpful, though it’s important to make your data visual to immediately grab attention.