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We look at today as a time of opportunity: we believe that tomorrow is an exciting challenge and we are the pioneers of a great future. Alexandra Haeger Estes Haeger Potteries, headquartered on the clay-rich banks of Illinois' Fox River just 45 miles northwest of Chicago, shares significant history with its giant neighbor, known as "the most American" of major American cities.

In 1871, the same year of the great Chicago fire, a young German immigrant named David H.

In 1976 Haeger Potteries entered the Guiness Book of Records.

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In this way, the young company helped a city rise from the ashes of mass disaster and restore its faith in itself.

The volume brickmaker was destined to secure a special place in American artware history.

Haeger Potteries in 1971 celebrated its 100th anniversary under Joseph F.

Estes, who led the company through tremendous growth in his more than 50 years at the helm.

Edmund Haeger, with his artistic vision, was to complete the metamorphosis from Haeger Bricks to Haeger Potteries.