Dating violence facts you shoud know are adult dating websites real

Cell phones, messaging and social networks are intended for communication and social interaction.In evaluating your child’s experience with these technologies ask them to consider the difference between communication and monitoring.

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Sexual control may also include reproductive coercion where an abuser sabotages his partner’s birth control, forces pregnancy and/or determines the outcome of the victim’s pregnancies.

The Teen Power and Control Wheel visually depicts the range of strategies that an abuser may use to gain and maintain power over a dating partner.

Are frequent texts just chatting and checking in, or are they an attempt to control?

Constant texts asking where you are, who you are with, what you are doing, what you are wearing, etc, are designed to limit social interactions and friendships outside of the dating relationship.

Basically, if you wouldn’t say that or show that in person, don’t do it online!