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I can honestly say that the guys I know from here who are married were dateless until set up by the sister or mother and other by being sent to another part of the world.

Of course the girl wanted a provider from a big family and thought that they could change the guy later.

This information combined with other books and skill sets will come in handy if you have a foundation in Social Dynamics.

Many of the "lines" and "openers" given are not of high quality and when used in situations will have you sounding indecisive and at worst like a tool.

So in the long term the relationships are probably both really great and problematic.

And maybe I will push to have a great relationship from all of this.

David Deangelo's books help (I would recommend them) but he does not give as deep an understanding of how all the attraction variables work as Mr. All the women I have met as a result of applying this don't see me as some kind of sleezy pick-up artist, they see me as a "cool guy" who just seems to get along well with women and people in general. If you want to understand women and actually be successful at meeting women and establishing a relationship this is a must buy. It was very annoying trying to read and stumbling across a typo or realized you have a page or so of copy and pasted information.