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Either way, it often starts with the most important element of all: a sense of humour." Nickens: Welcome to our first annual Blended Family Week.

She breaks up with him," says Wendi Mc Lendon-Covey.

'She's not ready to be a step-mom to five children. And that's how Lauren's family and Jim's family get to go on this incredible trip." Seizing the opportunity to take her boys on a vacation they'll never forget, Lauren secures half of Jen's unwanted accommodations at a deep discount while, unbeknownst to either of them, Jim works his own connections to strike the same savvy deal for the other half, for himself and his girls.

'" Rather than a fresh start, the encounter only strengthens their resolve to re-focus on their children and jobs and forget about dating for the foreseeable future. But circumstances then intervene in the form of Lauren's best friend and business partner, Jen, played by Wendi Mc Lendon-Covey.

If Jim and Lauren exemplify some of the dilemmas and conflicted desires of single parents on the dating circuit, Jen proudly represents the opposite end of the spectrum: single, unfettered and working it.

In fact, she and Dick had just crossed the L-word threshold and were planning a spectacular getaway at a South African safari resort when, as Jen would say, he dropped the bomb.