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It’s remarkable that you have someone as exciting as Jennifer, who then can get the studio and audiences excited to want to see what seems like an ordinary story.

Like any of my movies, it starts with ordinary people and becomes something else. What we found difficult was to start and stop and start again. The real Joy Magano was listed as an executive producer on the film. I did dozens of hours of interviews with her on the phone, where I got all these stories out of her—things that she felt were like psychoanalysis. It’s going to be half-fiction.” She said, “OK.” I didn’t meet her until the very end.

It was so weird how she used it, because being sick does make you feel like a child. We used space to isolate people, even when they’re in a crowd or a city.

held at Montage Beverly Hills on Saturday evening (January 7) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Meanwhile, Connie Britton, Joel Edgerton, Jason Segel, Edward Norton, Patricia Arquette, David O.

There are four editors on this film, which is pretty unusual.

Here’s the thing: Jay (Cassidy) and Alan (Baumgarten) are our editors.

But rather than having a calming effect this resulted in the pair have a brief tussle.


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    I’ve recently been lucky enough with this show to travel to countries that I’ve never been to, and it’s just such an eye-opener.

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