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One very popular t-shirt lists the top ten reasons why rowing is better than sex.

And here they are: Crab: Upsetting action caused by the blade turning in the water making it difficult or impossible to remove from the water.

Jingle Bells Running through the streets, getting a workout in We train hard during break, because we want to win; Fans on ergos sing, making spirits bright O what fun it is to ride and sing an erging song tonight. We Three Kings We three kids from Prep school are trying to tie a pair on a car ropes all knotted randomly clotted we aren't going very far Oh Oh..

Chorus Jingle bells, jingle bells, sweating all the way! stern goes leftward, bow goes right car goes straight with all it's might portside leaning, different meaning gives the coach an awful fright Various authors from Row2k1.

We are also excited to see a new memeber to assist Coach Bodenstat.