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'Sweetie' (pictured) is a virtual girl made by child exploitation group 'Terre Des Hommes' which tried to catch out paedophiles online asking children to perform sex acts on a webcam.

One Australian man has been convicted'They have no idea about normal relationships, they have no idea about sexuality and what makes it worse is that it is on the increase, therefore we have sifted our attention to the demand side,' he said.

Agents Bassler and Kilpatrick flew to the Philippines in September 2011 and interviewed the victims in Manila.

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Filipino web cam bey sex

The organization is worried that webcam sex shows will soon become as common as more typical child pornography. The Philippines seems to be a particular hotbed for child sex; the government there estimates 100,000 children are forced into the trade.

As Internet service grows more efficient in all parts of the world, it seems inevitable that the child sex trade will capitalize on it. But it's increasingly common in other poor countries, too, where the laws may not have kept pace with the Internet age.

It was necessary to identify her so prosecutors could charge Herschell with production of child pornography instead of mere possession. Attorney's Crimes Against Children Task Force know they are up against a flood of child exploitation fomented by constantly evolving technology.

The honor was gratifying, but there wasn't much time to reflect on it. This kind of predation seems to be growing in countries where poverty is rampant.

The group created a virtual 10-year-old Filipino girl named "Sweetie" and posed as her in chat rooms to entice webcam tourists who wanted her to perform sex acts. "The moment we got online, we were swamped, like an avalanche," the group's special projects director, Hans Guyt, said in a webcast at the time.