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MINIMUM TERM OF IMPRISONMENT for Domestic Violence Section 741.283 (2010), Florida Statutes requires that a defendant be sentenced to a minimum 5 days in jail upon a conviction for domestic violence where "bodily harm" has been shown to have occurred. This is often never told to people before they plea to this offense.

The amorphous term "bodily harm" leads many judges to incarcerate a defendant after a jury verdict of guilty equating that the "violence" alleged at trial must have caused "bodily harm" despite the fact that there is no definition for such term nor any requirement that the jury determine if the violence caused such undefined harm. Florida law specifically prohibits domestic violence charges from being sealed after a finding of guilt even if adjudication of guilt is withheld. Being found guilty of domestic violence effectively ends a nurse's or teacher's career. If you have been found guilty of a "domestic violence" classified offense you will be prohibited from obtaining a concealed weapons permit and any permit currently possessed will be revoked.

This means that you will remain in jail until then.

Bonds on domestic violence cases have their own schedule (meaning they are higher).

Often the victim's expression is ignored - even when the alleged victim's expression indicates that she is not a victim of a crime.

This is why it is important to hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

This is usually 3 weeks from the date of the arrest. Yes, they can do what they are doing and they can attempt to prosecute you despite your wife's position regarding the case.