Forensic anthropology carbon dating

Whale feces, it turns out, plays a substantial role in ocean ecosystems.Since it floats to the surface, it brings nitrogen whales have taken in when they fed in the ocean’s depths to shallow waters, providing a much-needed nutrient for plankton there.

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The massive mammals’ poop also serves as a significant carbon sink; one study estimated that excrement from sperm whales in the Southern Ocean alone sequestered 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide a year.

Researchers who study whales have found the feces fertile ground for scientific inquiry, analyzing its makeup to determine what the animals are eating, where they’ve been, and even whether they’re stressed out.

As for how these curious scientists locate their research material in the open ocean: they’ve trained dogs to sniff it out from as far as a mile away.

Modern humans evolved within the last 600,000 years, our own species within the last 200,000 years. Differences in populations in skin color reflect adaptation to different environments, rather than genetic differentiation among populations.

He became well-known at University of Chicago for his work on natural carbon-14 (radiocarbon) and its use in dating archaeological artifacts, and natural tritium, and its use in hydrology and geophysics.


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