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Given time, compassion and stability, anyone can learn new skills and grow as a person.

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In my head flashed yesterday conversations in the office about the next batch of rotten goods that arrive next week, collapsed on fish purchased in Kamchatka and ten times the frozen – thawed the road losses which we believe is already a month, something else about us palmed off computers, fully assembled from used parts.

“My God, and this is the life” – I say to myself, “and in fact was the same.

Sherwood Community Services in Lake Stevens and the Arc of Snohomish County helped set Jenny up with technology: i Pads that let her speak and big red buttons so she can trigger recordings of people reading pages from her favorite children’s books.

She works with Therapeutic Riding in Stanwood and with an adaptive fitness trainer at the Marysville YMCA to improve her mobility.

From Marina did not even broke a lot of fear and not much left, began to give way is not yet clear to new sensations.