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He said he would trade it for a 45 he couldn’t find. Can you say something about how that came together? Probably one of my favorite female artists of all time. Someone had given them their collection and they were selling everything for a buck.

I emailed him and him and was like, You want to let that off? I have that 12”, but I didn’t get it with the case. And then, in the thank you, they end with, “And the most important factor, ‘God,’ who made the whole thing possible.” I’ve got 5,000 45s. Let’s talk about the Light In The Attic Records compilation Wheedle’s Groove. But then I’ll stop in a thrift store and find something I’ve wanted for twenty years and it makes the whole thing worth it. I went back and sure enough they had a whole bunch of records. In the end, sometimes a group really only has one good record, but you have to find out.

You gain a wealth of knowledge that you weren’t necessarily looking for.” “I just found this two weeks ago in Portland at Clinton Street Record & Stereo. I have some records that look terrible, but they’re good. For the most part, you can tell a lot about the record by the sleeve. I’ve definitely bought records because of the record. Two of my favorite covers were designed by Basquiat. Rammellzee is one of my favorite rappers of all time. Submitted Question: I don’t have a guilty pleasure. If I did have one, though, it would maybe be Justin Timberlake. A few months later, when I was at his house, I saw it and I was like, “That’s not the same Hot Chocolate.

That’s another thing that happens when you collect records. If there’s something I like about the cover, I want to know how it sounds. He said no, just a copy of Hot Chocolate, which is a common record.

Clowns can protect themselves, if needed: The picture above is scary enough, but it's actually a cosplay (costume play) based on "Jin-Roh" anime...


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