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Newly single and a self-proclaimed geek, Spencer was frustrated with the lack options for people like him who were into computers, crossword puzzles, comic books, and similar hobbies — and who didn’t put emphasis on appearance and social status. ” He expressed his frustrations to his daughter, Laina, who suggested he take matters into his own hands, so he did and launched gk2gk soon after.

“Looks are not important in terms of who I would be interested in,” Spencer told Chicago In 2015, Spencer passed the gk2gk baton on to Avalanche LLC, a company that builds and markets successful sites like his (its first launch being in 1997 on Valentine’s Day).

The Short Version: With shows like “The Big Bang Theory” and games like World of Warcraft growing in popularity almost every day, it’s no longer an insult to call someone a geek.

In fact, most people today would probably take it as a compliment.

I go to Harry Potter Weekend at Universal Studios every January (proudly wearing my Slytherin colors! Like millions of others, I grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and their journey has impacted my life in so many ways.