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Also mentioned was Haruma’s attendance at one of Koharu’s performances in February.

Her performance gave him encouragement during a time when he was worried about his play.

Shortly afterwards Haruma's popularity grew even more following his performance in the NHK family drama Fight. I just realized you starred in Attack on Titan...sumimasen! But i was convince by myself so I did start searching you in google then I got interested in you. So far he's been a completely different character in everything I've watched him in and he's been really convincing every single time. Omg I watched you in Attack on titan this week and holy shit I WANNA SCREAM AND SQUEL AND SHIT BUT IF I DID THAT THOSE SEATING BESIDE ME, IN MY FRONT AND MY BACK will laugh or may say that I am weird but goodness oh goodness haruma omg like seeing you in such a WIDE BIG SCREEN MAKES ME WANTS TO TOUCH THE SCREEN GDI OMG LIKE SO HD AND BLU-RAY i am gonna cry tears of joy ♡ Thanks for making me smile and I am still currently slowly by slowly watching all your dramas and movies. I think I'm gonna die haha Hope you will visit Philippines like Take and always goodluck in your career and FIGHTING!!! And i'm really hope that he will success in everything he does. I didnt even know that I will get very addicted to you among all japanese actors around. I hope to be able to watch your future projects, I'm sure they'll be as awesome as the old ones! ), but I will grab them all once I have the chance.

Haruma then put the Brash Brats on indefinite hiatus. NOW I just can't stop myself watching all your movies and dramas : D. Then second I saw you in "Shingeki no Kyojin: Attack on Titan" and in "Gokusen 3". Cannot wait to see him in Never Let Me Go, but I do think it's time for something romantic and funny again. from Koizora, Kimi ni todoke, Gokusen 3, You Taught Me All the Precious Things, Crow Zero 2 and Attack on Titan. Hope that I'll see you soon once i finished college and have a job haha :-) I just want to say that Haruma Miura and i have the same birthday, just the year is different.. I watched every drama and movie you are in and still watching some that I havent yet watched because seeing you makes my heart beating at a fast pace huhu especially your beautiful smile i cry(;_;)I love you so much that ugh I watched even some of the ints and shows you appeared but I cant understand japanese haha i will make sure to study and learn it so that when i come to Japan to see you, we can easily communicate with each other and laugh huhuhu omg you are such an amazing actor! Keep going, you have a hudge fandom standing behind you : D I just love u so much Harumaa...

She’s performed for acts such as Rihanna, SMAP, EXILE and Namie Amuro.