How old is a good age for dating

We found our way around the problem and used the Internet secretly when she or dad wasn't around.

You cannot ban something completely because the Internet although a very powerful manipulation tool, is also at the end of the day a way to open your mind to new facets of information and socializing portals.

True that kids meet friends in school everyday, but sometimes we like to stay in touch while not with them as well.

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I won't say that I didn't deserve it, but when she did let her vocal cords get the best of her, I only felt more resentful and angry.

Later on as we kids grew out of that 'raging hormones' phase, we weren't yelled at anymore because mom's secret to handle us was gentle talk.

You'll find advice here on good parenting, with ways on dealing with difficult situations with a sort out head on your shoulders.

Tips to Become a Good Parent If there's one thing you'll notice, is that yelling and banning kids from doing certain things, will only make them more curious and rebellious.

As they age, you can loosen up your rein on supervision time.