Is audrey gair dating kenny

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“Having children just put it under more pressure, and over time we came to be living separate lives under the same roof.

We were together in name, but there was no bond.” Joy resolved to stay in the marriage until her sons were grown up and had their own lives. I couldn’t have dreamed then that I’d find such happiness later in my life.” While the couple each have their own interests—he likes to fish and play golf, while she enjoys cooking and reading—they say it’s their shared passions which lie at the heart of their happy relationship.

“We have two huskies and love to walk them together,” says Joy.

“We have a home in France that we travel to regularly for holidays, and we both enjoy eating out and trips to the theatre.

Joy has two grown up sons and a six-month-old grandson “A few months after my first marriage ended, I decided to try online dating,” says Joy, a 58-year-old retired teacher.